I am pleased to announce the next Sexy Santa Shoot 2011 “Winter Wonderland”! We are going to have a fun day!

If you were sent an access code to see this page then you have been selected to take part in it. This year the shoot has undergone some changes so please read the follow details completely. Remember No guests or escorts allowed during the shoots PERIOD!

THEME:  Winter Wonderland
Hair: Long, Wavy, Full. (no color strips or hair props) – All models must do there own hair. If you need a hair stylist call Keith Foster at Ziyan Salon
Makeup: Smokey Eyes, Red Nails, Red lipstick or Lipgloss – All models must do there own makeup. If you need a makeup artist call. Michelle Gaines at 859-492-7856
Outfit: White Lingerie – Must show stomach.
Shoes: Red High Heels and White/Silver Heels. (no closed toe or clogs)
Prop: Red Santa Hat (will be provided)
Optional: There will be additional areas to shoot in Fireplace, Bedroom, Kitchen, Jacuzzi bath, so you can bring additional outfits to shoot it if you like.

PHOTOSHOOT: Individual and Group
We will be shooting each model in an individual and group shot with 5 other models. The individual shoot will be with the outfit defined above and the group shot will be with silver garland outfits. The photos will have both the santa hats on and off so the photos can be used in your portfolio all year! There will be multiple photographers and staff present to shoot with as well if you so choose.

TIME & LOCATION:  DEC 10, 2011 12pm Lexington Kentucky
Address: 2257 Guilford Lane, Lexington, KY 40513

SHOOT TIMES: Each Group Consists of 5 Models.
Group A – 1-3pm
Group B – 3-5pm
Group C – 6 -8pm
Group D  – 8 -10pm


The registration fee must be received by Thursday DEC 8, 2011 or we shall make your spot available to another applicant. The fee covers shoot production costs. There are no refunds, unless the shoot is cancelled or photos get destroyed by mysterious forces. Thank you for making the shoot possible and great!

Shoot Time

*If you do not have a paypal account you can click the button at the bottom and use a credit card.

This year we will have few models and have retoucher to edit the photos to make sure they are available on DEC 15th. After each group shoots, the retoucher will mark the photos you choose at the shoot.  The best photos and the group photos will be featured and printed in the upcoming “ModelSensation Magazine” in 2011.

Photographers: Zabu Mutua, Obie Taylor, Nathan Liang, Dr. Micheal Huang, David Slone
Video: Chris Davis, AC
Model Coordinator:  Kayla Kelly
Makeup Artist: Michelle Gaines
Fan-boy: Goose

After you read the details please email  or Facebook ModelSensation and Say “I READ IT ALL!”