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Key to the Castle!

Key to the Castle!


We had a great sucess and want to thank our proud sponsors, embry’s fine furs, The Bourbon Review, Knob Creek, and Thoroughbred Limousine for making this a truly magical event. SIGN UP on the mailing list on the side to get notified when Photos and Video will be posted…you’ll want to see this!!!!


Here are the details for the Days Events!

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Here is a Video Clip inside the Castle

Shooting Schedule


House Address- Santa Shoot
226 North Limestone, Lexington, KY 40507

Park Across the Street…there is a Big Lot! It is near Atomic Cafe.


Click below for map. Click to see the photo on Google Maps Street view.

What to bring.

1. Santa Hat
2. Cool, Red Sexy outfit to shoot in red.
3. Cocktail Dress. Something sexy but not over the top eg. a tight fitting miniskirt that shows off your legs with a nice necklace. No clear heels.
4. Black Lingerie, stockings (optional), and black heels – to wear under the expensive furs durning the fashion show photoshoot at the castle. “This isn’t a lingerie shoot”. You legs need to move well under the furs.You will be coming down a staircase…so be careful lol

The Events

3.00pm – 9.00pm – Sexy Santa Photo shoot

Shooting Schedule
Individual Model Shoot times to be released soon to give you an idea of when to show up. You are encouraged to show up early though and hangout…we’ll have snacks, drinks and fun. 30 models are expected…so you will make new friends.

The Photos will be thigh upwards with a Christmas Tree in the background. If you have cool leggings a part of them might show up. Practice your poses beforehand in a mirror, you won’t have alot of time to learn as you go due to the large number of models.

9.30pm – 9.45pm – Pink Stretch Limo Hummer Ride to the castle

Enjoy the ride to the catle in style…provided by thoroughbred Limousine. *pending

10.00pm -12.00pm – Key to the Castle Party

castleshootHave fun Mingle and take pics in the castle with the affluent and distiguished guests in the castle…It looks amazing inside. This is a Jacket only event…so it will be classy.

12.00pm – 1.00am – Key to the Castle Party Fashion Show
The last part of the evening will be a fun Haute Fashion Show. The models will put on exquisite embry’s fine furs provided by our wonderful sponsor and pose in the lavish castle backgrounds and get some great shots and cheers. This…will be quite exciting! Make sure you thank Bill Embry when you see him.

embry’s- http://www.embrys.com/

1.00am – Pink Stretch Limo Hummer Ride back to your vehicles

***** NOTE ******
Girls you are encouraged to invite your girlfriends who have a great look and can dress to impress to come to the castle. I must have names by Friday, or they won’t get in.

Thanks everybody for making this turn into one amazing night of fun! This is only the beginning…bring your professional spirit and make friends and amazing photos!


I will be editing this note so keep checking it.