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Model Photo Shoot Details:

I wanted to capture something real with emotion so I just had ModelSensation Erin do what she does and used the light of the window and timing to see what we could create. Of course Erin is a unique and super talented woman that I could put a trash bag on her and the pictures would be incredible. The sweater was her idea.

These photos became some of my favorites and inspired me to do more sets like this that are more realistic. This shoot made me question myself and began a overdue dialog of what am I trying to capture. I wonder why I ever shot models against plain solid backdrops and rehearsed poses. I have been missing out on capturing everyday beauty which is feels more alive and deeper. If I was starting again, I would do things much differently.

Location: Lexington, KY
Model: Erin
H&M: Model
Project: Modlbook Portfolio
Photographer: Zabu Mutua

Erin Olash (@erinolash) * Instagram photos and videos

Not v cool but way less cool irl ??? [email protected]?snapchat: erinolash