Home Glamour

Michelle – Superstar

Michelle is an incredible model and we had and amazing photoshoot.

Erin – Old Sweater

I wanted to capture something real with emotion so I just had ModelSensation Erin do what she does and used the light of the window and timing to see what we could create.

Stacey – Mesh Top

While her looks are undyingly incredible, Stacey is funny and always knows how to make me laugh. I enjoy shooting with her anytime I can.

Lexi – Couch Fit

Lexi is always ready for a photo shoot for her fans. She also knows how to make just being lazy on a couch look great.

Kate – Afternoon Delight

This Canadian model knows how to steal your heart. It's almost hard not to fall in love with her on first sight. The way she moves talks and winks is simple breathtaking. Glad to welcome her as a new ModelSensation model.

Ashton – First Shoot

Her beauty is off the charts, especially when she smiles. She was so natural in front of the camera that it was hard to believe this was her first photo shoot.

Kate and Ashton – Gamers

We had fun playing Star Wars Battlefront and taking pics. The new ModelSensation models Kate and Ashton are always fun to be around and try out new techniques.

Miranda – Morning Glow

Miranda is one of my favorite people. If you hear her laugh you will understand. Watching her progress in her fitness goals is inspirational. Already a natural beauty she definitely takes it to the next level.

Whitney – Pool TIme

Here are the images from shooting with Whitney at the pool. We missed the sunset but we were still able to pull of some amazing shots. Not bad for her first photo shoot.

Hannah – Night Swim

Night shoot at the pool with a ModelSensation favorite Hannah. While we missed the sunlight trying to do an impromptu shoot poolside we got some interesting shots.

Whitney – Pool Girl

Here are the images from shooting with Whitney at the pool. Like many shoots this was impromptu during our netflix and chill day.

Ashe – Looking Good

Here are few shots from my session with this talented model and actress. She is definitely the type of person everybody should meet. Full of life, colorful personality, and pure southern charm. She is a joy to be around and photograph.

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